Vein Finder

Our first project will be to raise funds in order to provide vein finders to the Chemotherapy wards at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy & Cancer wards in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Taking blood or inserting an IV line was an arduous task for both Christopher and the medical staff involved, this will be just one of our priorities to ensure that no-one else has to endure this harrowing procedure. We would like to be able to introduce this devise to more hospitals but need your help to do so.

Please help us make those patients life just a little more pain free by making a donation to our cause, thank you.

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1st Vein Finder: Western General Hospital Edinburgh

Our First AccuVein AV400 has been donated to The Teenage Cancer Ward at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. We were delighted to be able to officially present the vein finder with Rachel Laird a personal friend of The Cookie Jar Foundation.

(c) David Wardle

2nd Vein Finder: Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy

We have presented the Victoria Chemotherapy day ward in Kirkcaldy with their Accuveiw AV400 on the 21st July 2014.Thanks to the great work of the guys at Inverkeithing High School with numerous fundraisers throughout the year, we were able to fund a vein finder for the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.


3rd Vein Finder: The Royal Sick Kids Edinburgh

We were also delighted to be able to donate a vein finder to the Teenage cancer Trust ward at The Royal Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh. Inga Jack, who’s children’s singing group Musical Steps Dunfermline and West Fife raised nearly £3,000 last August by holding a week long sponsored Sing-a-Long, came along to present Fiona and Kerry with their vein finder and hear first hand how these devises have made so much difference to the patients at the hospital.


4th Vein Finder: Queen Margaret Hospital Dunfermline

The Queen Margaret Hospital Chemotherapy Day Unit is where Christopher was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2011. He returned there on several occasions during his treatment, and we felt that this department shouldn’t be overlooked when it came to providing vein finders into local hospitals. We have been told by the Charge Nurse that our unit will be so helpful when performing IV procedures on patients with breast cancer, as they can be restricted to the use of only one arm.

Huge gratitude to all our fundraisers…we could have never have achieved this with out you.


5th Vein Finder: Medical High Dependency Unit The Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

It’s not just chemotherapy wards that can benefit from a vein finder, we have donated our 5th devise into the Medical High Dependency Unit at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy.
We would like to thank Charge Nurse Carol Wallace for welcoming us into her ward along with Staff Nurse Jennie Grestey, and Stephanie MacDonald for nominating the ward.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome a close friend of Cookie’s, Gordon Preston, who has also joined our Board of Trustees.


6th Vein Finder: Victoria Hospital Ward 34

Kirkcaldy M&S Manager Gordon Haggerty accompanied us to Ward 34 to present Senior Charge Nurse Gordon McGhee and Staff Nurse Vicky Stephen with their Vein Finder and powered wheeled stand. The M&S team raised a staggering £5,268.00 during their years fundraising efforts and are delighted that ward 34 will benefit from all their hard work.

Thanks to David Wardle photography.


Maggies Young Person Group

The Cookie Jar are delighted to announce that due to all your fundraising efforts we have been able to fund the Young Persons Group at Maggies Cancer Centre at the Western General Hospital.

This is a project which is very close to our hearts. The Maggies Young Persons Group provide teenagers and young people who have cancer to come together and either share their experiences or simply to take comfort from the fact that someone they are talking to understands what they are going through. Whether it be bowling, the cinema or simply tucking into some chicken at Nandos these nights provide substantial mental support for young people with cancer. We are delighted to be able to team up with the wonderful charity that is Maggies to make sure this project is funded for another year.

Thank you to everyone who raised the money to fulfil this project.

Holistic Therapies

We have been in touch with the The Complementary Therapy Service at the Western General in Edinburgh, to offer them funding to help them provide such an important service to Cancer patients and their families, we will be announcing our proposals to help in the next few weeks. Please come back soon to find out our plans….

This was a project that Cookie said he would fund by himself once he got better. We are here to ensure that his wishes and sprit are fulfilled. Thanks for all your help!