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No one person should have to Follow Normality To Be Accepted

Vein Finders

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Niche Funding

🌈 Support for those in need

Our main aim is to provide support to both children and those in need of help, whether it be in hospital, educational or community based environment.


💚 Work With other charities

We as a foundation look to work in partnership with other charities and notable organisations that have the same principles as the cookie jar. Charities and other established not for profit organisations may also request funding from The Cookie Jar.

💸 Shortfall in Funding

Young people who have additional educational support needs can often suffer from a lack of support from the educational system due to inadequate budgets.  We want to be able to assist in providing such aid to ensure the young person can achieve to the best of their individual abilities.

🌟 Doing things a bit differently

The Cookie jar is not all about funding however. The foundation looks to work closely with those who are in need of our help. We currently have a track car that will be used at a Fife based racing circuit. It is hoped that this track car will provide the opportunity for young adults to fulfil ambitions, or indeed to motivate young adults to stay clear of trouble and find an ambition that compliments their dreams.

Our work symbolises the personality of cookie

The work we carry out is done under Cookie’s name and what he stood for whilst he was here with us. 

Vein Finders

Christopher suffered a great deal of stress and anxiety when it came to the carrying out of IV procedures, we discovered vein finders when we visited Manchester’s Christie Centre. The experience of this device made things so much easier for Christopher, that he had spoken about raising funds when he got better so that these could be placed in every chemotherapy ward, meaning that no-one had to go through the same as he had.

Therefore, it has been one of our main aims to provide these devices into local hospitals. Over the last 10 years we have donated 25 vein finders into local hospital wards which has made such a positive impact, as in 2013 the NHS refused to fund these devices due to their budgetary restraints.

We have had promising feedback from NHS staff, one doctor in particular told us that the rate her staff were able to get people cannulated without stress on either her staff or the patients had improved greatly thanks to them having a vein finder. Another Doctor wrote to us to say that they had done a time and motion study, which was such a success that when presented to the senior management of her hospital they agreed to have a budget for vein finders. Our work is still not finished as there are still so many wards that need these wonderful devices.

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