March 2016

Cheque Presentation: Inverkeithing High School S6 Onesie Day

We popped into Inverkeithing High School yesterday to meet up with the head boy and girl to be presented with the amazing amount of £2,500 raised from S6 Onesie Day... Still waiting on the photographic evidence with Mr Kelly in his onesie! What a fantastic achievement guys you have funded the The Drop-in Centre Court [...]

August 2015

Cheque Presentation at Maclay Murray & Spens

It's been an amazing year having  Maclay Murray & Spens as a corporate sponsor. All the team based at The Quarter Mile in Edinburgh have participated in a host of events, cake sales, book sales, spinning groups, sky diving, pop up Christmas market and of course the 5 Ferries Sponsored Cycle Event to name but a few! [...]

July 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane to Deliver Trial Vein Finder to ERI

This morning we had a rather emotional trip back down memory lane... Steven and I delivered our Accu-View vein finder trail unit into the  Clinical Apheresis Unit based within OPD 1 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.   Christopher spent four days here in October 2012 whilst trying to harvest his stem cells in preparation for a stem cell transplant after [...]

June 2015

Mark’s and Spencer Kirkcaldy Raise £5268 for The Cookie Jar

After a year of fundraising events the staff at M&S Kirkcaldy met with us this afternoon to hand over their hard earned £5,268.21 donation! The guys at M&S have been doing whatever they can to raise money for The Cookie Jar over the past year. We have been humbled by the efforts of the team. [...]

November 2014

Vein Finder Presentation at Victoria Hospital

Thanks to the fantastic work of the pupils and staff of Inverkeithing High School we are delighted to announce that we have officially presented a Vein Finder to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. The guys at Inverkeithing came up with some fantastic fundraising ideas and have really helped us both as a family and a [...]

2nd Vein Finder received 3rd June 2014

Due to our fundraisers amazing efforts we were able to order our 2nd unit. This is now in use in Ward 34 at The Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy. Christopher spent six months in this ward either receiving chemotherapy treatments or undergoing blood count check-ups. We chose this as our second site and invited the Head [...]