Massive thank you to all S6 at Inverkeithing High School. Who during their onesie day on the 9th of October. Raised a huge £2,500, which means that our Drop-in Centre Courtyard has now been fully funded.

s6 onsie day

Project Cost: £2,300

FUNDED: 100%

G.F Drop in Centre

The Drop-in Centre has a team of staff and volunteers to listen to and support families who are anxious or experiencing a difficult time. The environment will be a relaxing one, very different to the clinical areas of the hospital with a lounge area and kitchen area, as well as a private room for complementary therapies and a private garden area.

The lounge area has a range of arts and crafts activities, board games and games consoles. Complementary therapies are available to parents and carers and include aromatherapy massage, Indian Head massage and reflexology.

drop in centre 5

drop in centre 7

drop in centre 1

The courtyard will be for the exclusive use of Drop in Centre families and will be landscaped to provide a calming area to sit out in with plants designed to stimulate the senses.


These images are a visual representation and is not in any way affiliated with the new hospital.