Once we had agreed to work in partnership with the Sick Kids Friends Foundation to help with these key projects, it seemed fitting to us as a family to choose the Spiritual Care Courtyard & Sanctuary as an ever lasting legacy to Christopher.

The Cookie Jar and our supporters will be the sole contributors for this part of the project by hosting various fundraising events including next year’s North Coast 500 cycle challenge.

The ‘Sanctuary’ and its adjoining courtyard are the unique part of the hospital where children and families can go for some quiet reflective time, meditation or prayer. It will be very different in feel to the rest of the hospital and the enhancement funded by SKFF includes an artist being appointed to design a therapeutic space. The bereavement support service and chaplain will work from this part of the hospital. The funded enhancement will help to make this area feel comforting to families at a difficult time and let them escape the busyness of the hospital around them.

Project Cost:

£11,000 – Spiritual Care Courtyard

£37,760 – The Sanctuary

Help The Cookie Jar Foundation raise funds with activities to reach our total goal. If you are interested in helping raise funds for this project or would like more information. Please reach out to our team.

This image is a visual representation and is not in any way affiliated with the new hospital.

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